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ASUS RT-N66U Setup: Easy Setup Process With Simple Steps

ASUS RT-N66U Setup

ASUS RT-N66U is one of the best routers that is widely available all around the World. It is famous for it’s fast and great functionality.  Because of its fast internet setup, the users can enjoy all of the RT-N66U abilities in a matter of minutes. In this article, you will get to know about ASUS RT-N66U Setup.

The easiest approach to set up the router is to connect a computer to one of the four LAN ports using an Ethernet cable. In default mode, the router offers two open wireless networks. Enable encryption on the wireless links once your fundamental configuration is finished.

The IP address of the router is by default and when you open an internet browser the router blocks the site page request and redirect you to the router configuration wizard. Check that no AV software or parental controls running on the computer are interfering with things.

Asus RT-N66U Setup – This Is What You Need To Do:

  • Connect the router to the Internet device for example DSL modem, Cable modem, or a fibre optic box. Connect the internet cable into modem or box internet out port on the back of the router and Connect the opposite end into the blue Ethernet port. You will find the WiFi icon on the bottom right corner of Windows device and at the top right corner on Macs. Click on that icon to configure wireless settings.
  • Open your browser and type into the address bar. A web page will appear and contain the router setup page.

ASUS RT-N66U Setup

  • The first step is to create an administrator’s username and password after accessing the Quick Internet Setup. If you want to change any router settings, you will require the administrator info, username, and password. WiFi can be adjusted by anyone who is using your username and password. Therefore, create a unique username and stolid password.
  • Set an SSID to identify your network. The name needs to be exceptionally secure and unique.
  • The network disconnects after creating this new name and password. So, simply reconnects it.
  • Now, again login the router Dashboard page using the new username and password. And, Check the administration tab as well as update the firmware.
  • After updating the firmware the next step you need to do is to install the firmware software. At last, you only have to reconnect the router for that you have to choose your router from the given options. And, login back into the router. And, you have successfully configured your router for ASUS RT-N66U Setup.

How to Connect with us For ASUS RT-N66U Wireless Router Issues?

Besides how to setup ASUS RT-N66U, if there’s anything you’ve kept running into that you can’t figure out, let us know. For which you can basically connect with us on our Asus Router Support toll-free number +1-877-223-5208 or you can send a mail to [email protected] The available support executive will provide you with the proper guidelines. We are just one ring away from helping you to turn off router remotely. Apart from knowing how to set up ASUS RT-N66U, you can also connect with us for other issues with your router.

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