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Cisco Router Setup – Perform The Task With Ease & Hassle-Free

Setup Cisco Router

We need to use a router to send data packets. A router is a network device and all its amazing features do not make it immune to glitches. Improper cable connections, malware activities, overheating of the router, etc can be the cause why you need to setup a Router. Setting up the configuration of a router can remove the drawbacks of the Router. Therefore, we can provide you with the best solution to Cisco Router Setup.

Our Cisco Tech Support team is driven by new technology. You can follow the guidelines to fix your router issues. Unfortunately, if you are unable to proceed, then feel free to contact our Tech Support Team. Our Cisco Router Customer Support is available round the clock on our toll-free number to assist you.

How To Setup Cisco Router?

Setting up a Cisco Router consists of two ways: Router Buttons and Router Commands.

  • Using Reset button, For factory reset configuration, you can use the Reset button.
  • First, you need to power off the router.
  • After few minutes, plug the power cord of the router into the power source.
  • You need to find the Reset button on the Router.
  • While turning on the Router, press and hold the Reset button.
  • After 30 seconds continuous pressing, release your finger.
  • This will allow the router for a reboot process.
  • You can wait up to 5 to 10 minutes for the reboot process.
  • To check whether your Router has finished the reboot process or not, you can check the lights on the Router. If the lights blink in a repeating pattern, then it indicates that the Router has finished its booting.

Cisco Router Setup

  • Using Router Commands, Router Commands also allow your Router for a factory reset.
  • First, power off the Router.
  • Then, connect your laptop to the console port of the Router.
  • On your laptop, you can write in Command Prompt on the bold letter. Router enable > router #write erase > [confirm] press enter key > router #reload
  • Next, you should close the terminal emulator window on your laptop. Thus, following the steps, you can set up Cisco Router.

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