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ASUS RT-N66U Setup: Easy Setup Process With Simple Steps
June 27, 2018
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D Link Router Setup – Get Solved With No More Hassles

D Link Router Setup

D Link Router is highly user-friendly for even the non-technical users. For connecting wireless and wired devices, D Link Router comes along with colored ports. Thus, it becomes very easy to put the home network together. D Link Router setup seems to be very easy but it is not. In reality, it may look like you have plugged everything correctly, but that does not mean the connections are okay or, the network performance is good.

You may face trouble while setting up the Router if you aren’t a tech-savvy person. To help you out from any sorts of difficulty, we provide you easy guidelines. You can connect our D Link support team on our toll-free number. Our team has been in this industry for quite a long time. That has made them well-versed in the techniques of how a router works. So, interact with us to get the easiest solutions for D Link Router Setup in an instant.

D Link Router Setup – This Is How You Do It:

To access a router smoothly, you need to configure the internet and the wireless settings. You can go through the few steps to set up D Link router.

  • Unplug the modem: Before you connect the modem to your router, turn off the power of the modem. You can also remove the power cable connected to the modem.
  • You need to gather two Ethernet cables for setting up a router. To connect the modem to the router, you need one cable. And another cable you need is to connect the router with the computer. After setting up, you can connect the PC wirelessly. To make a wireless connection, the system needs to have a wireless network adapter.
  • Connection of the modem: You should carefully connect the modem to the wireless area network(WAN) port of the router.
  • You can identify the WAN port easily as it is differently colored than the four LAN ports.
  • Connection of the LAN ports: At the back side of the computer, you can find the Ethernet port. You have to connect one of the LAN ports with the Ethernet port.
  • Next, you need to turn on the power of the modem.
  • You have to wait for a minute at least to let the modem complete the boot task.
  • After that, you can also turn on the power of the router. You have to wait for minimum of one minute until the boot task of the router is complete.
  • After all these, you can now turn on the computer/laptop.
  • To check the indicator light, you should check the power light, LAN and the WAN light. If the modem is powered on, then you will see the WAN light. To check the computer’s connection, you should check the LAN light.

D link Router Setup

How to configure D Link router?

Using any web browser, you can configure your PC. You can put the default address of the D Link router that is If your computer is connected to the router, then you can see the router’s configuration page. As an username, you can put “admin” and leave the password field blank. To run the router, you can click on the “setup wizard button”. To select the internet connection type, you can call your internet service provider. To save all the settings, click on the “connect” button.

Contact Our D-Link Customer Support

For easy setup process, you can contact our expert team on the toll-free number. You can also get in touch with us via email or chat support services. For instant suggestions, we provide you live chat assistance. It is our duty to help you out. Besides knowing how to set up D Link router, you will also get other tips and hacks for you.

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