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TP Link Router Setup for Wireless Networking – Tips & Tricks

Configure TP-link Router

In this article, you will get to know a detailed process for TP-link Router Setup. If you are a new TP-link Router user and you do not know how to setup TP-link Router then go through this article, it will definitely help you.

You can easily configure TP-link Router by following the given steps. Apply all the methods to setup your router. But if you are still unable to set up your TP-link Router, then give a call at our TP-link Router Support Number which is toll-free. We are here for 24*7. So give us a call or chat with our support executives to make the right decision about your router.

Things That You Require Are:

  • Computer and a TP-link Router with its power supply.
  • Ethernet cable and Internet connection.

How To Setup TP link Router Wirelessly?

Advanced preparation before InstallationYou must know how to setup TP-link Router. There are some easy and simple methods which will help you to setup your router-

  • At first, connect the internet cable with TP-link Router.
  • Also, connect the computer with TP-link Router.
  • Open any internet browser.
  • Now type on the internet browser to access the TP-link Router configuration page.
  • Enable wireless connection and follow the setup instruction.
  • Now, setup SSID and network key and save all the Settings.

How to Setup TP-link Router

Now you can install your TP-link Router

  • Install TP-link Router.
  • Connect the TP-link Router with the internet.
  • Now open the browser to set up the page.
  • Then configure WAN connection type.
  • Now click on “Network” then click on “WAN” on the web page.
  • Change the WAN connection to PPPoE.
  • Enter username and password which was given to you by the internet service provider. You can also change your password and reset a new password.
  • Enter your new password on the Administration link and save it.  Now you can log in with the new password. You can also change the wireless network connection name.
  • Now click the save to confirm your all changes. A prompt box will appear which will confirm your all changes.
  • Now reboot your router.
  • Then restart your computer.
  • Now try to connect to the wireless network.

Hope you are now able to set up your TP-link Router. If you have any query then please contact us. We are always there for you. TP-link Router Setup isn’t rocket science. You can do so within a fraction of second only if you are tech-savvy. If you are not confident, then feel free to connect with our TP link Router Customer Support.

Connect with us for a quick TP-link Router Setup

Call us at our toll-free TP-link Router Support Helpline Number and avail quick responses. You also can get the remote assistance overcall. Have a chat with our TP link Router Tech Support and get instant solutions. Drop us a mail if you want. We’ll get back to you shortly.

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